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About Dermax Club

What is Dermax Club?

Dermax Club is an on-line exchange platform Dermax lunched for their clients. In Dermax Club, out clients collect points by ordering Magik Thread, Aqua Secret HA. These points can be changed to various gift, and can also be deduced from order cost. While VIP members in Dermax Club receive our promotion information and news at the first time.


Who can take part in Dermax Club? And what’s the requests for being a member in Dermax?

Once you place an order for Magik Thread, or Aqua Secret HA, our Service division will send you VIP code, then you are a member in Dermax.

How to confirm that you are a member in Dermax Club?

If you are not sure that you are a member in Dermax, please call us at +86-311-69012012, or email us at service@jointlaser.com. We will help you to look for your information from our database.

Member System

If there are any limited for being a member? (For example, what’s the minimum order quantity?)

If mumber do not place order in Dermax during the last 9 months, or have canceled his/her Dermax account, or cheat gifts by false points, Dermax Club have the right to clean his/her points.

If contacts leaves the company, what’s the changes for the Member System.

Dermax Club is establishing on the basis of company account. So if your contacts leave the company, etc. Please send written notice to service@jointlaser.com for confirmation. Replacement of contacts do not effect the rights of Club member.

My account

My account

How do I know my points?

After your payment for each order, our service division will send you email about your recent points and total points, also the according gifts for your points.

If I do not work with Dermax for a long time, my account would be expired?
If there’s no activity during the past 9 month, your member account may be expired and the points would be cleared.

How to cancel my account?

If you need to cancel your account, please call us at +86-311-69012012 or email us at service@jointlaser.com, our service division will help you cancel the account.


How to calculate the points?

1usd in every order for Magik Thread, Aqua Secret HA, is 1 point. The other currency, changed to dollar by the exchange rate in the same day.

For more information, please contact us by phone or email.
Wish you enjoy a wonderful trip in Dermax Club!